Our History

Benedictine History In the early part of year 2000, a group of retired educators thought of establishing an educational institution in Cavite as a response to the growing need for more quality schools in Imus. As a starter, these educators were in search for a small piece of land where the school was to be constructed.

The idea was brought to the attention of the Abad family and the latter felt the project is laudable. With over 1600 square meters of idle land at the back of the Abad’s residence coupled with the notable objective of providing educational service to the residents of Imus and its nearby towns and municipalities, the Abads agreed to allocate the piece of land for the purpose.

For reasons not known to the Abad family, the educators backed out from the idea. Thinking that the proposal is truly meritorious and noteworthy, the Abads thought of pursuing the concept. In April of 2000, the family, together with some close friends, met and decided to form a non stock corporation geared at establishing an educational institution within the family’s compound.

Because of Mr. Napoleon P. Abad’s affiliation, as a professor and Dean of Discipline of 22 years with the Benedictines of the San Beda College, the name St. Benedict came up in the discussion table for consideration. Moreover, Mr. Noel M. Abad, who was elected the Chairman of the Board and President of the corporation, had been a student and a graduate of the same school for almost two decades.

In view of the Bedan blood circulating in Abad’s bloodstream and St. Benedict as the congregation saint of San Beda College of Mendiola and St. Benedict College of Alabang, It was unanimously decided to name the school the Benedictine Institute of Learning. Armed with only a measly fund of P1.3 M but with a mission to provide educational excellence, a determination to mold the professionals of the future and the belief in the intervention of the Divine Providence, the Abads bravely risked and pursued their dream.

After a seven-month long struggle from the perspiring heat, the devastating typhoons, the never-ending peso devaluation and the escalating cost of labor and construction materials, the dream finally transformed into reality. On the 27th of January 2001, the school was blessed by no less than Rev. Fr. Tarcisio Ma. H. Narciso O.S.B., Rector of St. Benedict College, with Dr. Emelina Ramirez, education consultant of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, as special guest.